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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Coach Handbags � Can You Own One For $100?

By Nicole Ross

It might sound hard to believe, but it is actually possible to own an authentic Coach handbag for under $100. Coach Handbags are available in-store for about $200-$600. Depending on which style of Coach handbag that you are looking for, you may luck up and find one for under $200 retail.

Even though Coach handbags are what I have coined as �affordable luxury�, a person with the tightest of budgets may find it difficult to own a bag for a hundred bucks or so. In this article I will break down the costs for you for each category that Coach has and help you find that handbag that you have been wanting, but thought you couldn�t afford.

Coach has handbags that go from small, medium to large and vary in prices. The smallest handbags are not even handbags�they are called wristlets. You can snatch one of these cute little accessories up for prices ranging from $48-$128. The largest wristlet is about 8�(L) x 4�(H). They are not very big, but are very useful for certain occasions. I usually buy the wristlets and use them for when I�m doing my holiday shopping and want my cards and cash to be easily accessed and concealed. Or, I use them for wallets for certain handbags. It�s much cheaper to do it that way than to try to have a wallet for every Coach handbag you own.

If you plan to own a Coach handbag and do not want to pay much over a hundred dollars, than your best option would be the smaller bags. The medium bags start at $198.

Here is a quick list of some of the smaller Coach handbags that are available to you in the $100-$200 price range.

Coach Hamptons Weekend Watercolor Stripe Swingpack - $98.00

Coach Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Top Handle Pouch - $128.00

Coach Signature Stripe Pouch - $128.00

Coach Signature Stripe Demi - $158.00

Coach Signature Cotton Carly Demi - $228.00

Coach Ergo Leather - $198.00

Coach Ergo Signature Small Hobo - $198.00

Coach Carly Signature Top Handle Pouch - $178.00

Coach Legacy Leather Top Handle Pouch - $168.00

Coach Legacy Oxford Stripe Top Handle Pouch - $198.00

Coach Signature Multi Stripe Swingpack - $128.00

Coach Soho Pebbled Leather Hobo - $198.00

Coach Leather small Hobo - $198.00

Coach signature Hobo - $198.00

Coach Hamptons Swingpack - $118.00

Coach Signature Duffle - $228.00

Coach Classic Signature Swingpack - $118.00

Coach Classic Signature Demi Pouch - $138.00

As you can see, Coach only offers one handbag for $100 or under. If you are serious about finding Coach handbags for less, then you are better off looking elsewhere. The secret to finding Coach handbags for a discounted price is to shop online at an online shop that sales authentic Coach handbags.

I know of a great place that has all of the Coach handbags that I listed above for under $100. No joke! You can find great handbags for prices that you have only wished you could pay. No more wishing ladies; its time to go shopping!

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