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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Chanel Purse - Great Places to Find Chanel Purses

By Kenneth Elliott

These days everyone wants a Chanel purse but many people are not able to acquire them. Chanel has become a sought after handbag for years and has since joined the ranks of Gucci and Coach. But still most can�t afford them. Most of the Chanel handbag collections could cost $500 dollars or more, unless you�re looking at a fake which could range in the price range of $100 dollars to $500 dollars. But were can you find authentic Chanel purses at discount prices. Well, here are a few places.

1. EBay � This is a great place to find authentic Chanel handbags. But as a consumer you will need to be careful to buy from dealers that have very high feedback and high testimonies from customers that have received authentic handbags. Once you get past this point have some fun, bid on a few bags and see how cheap you can buy a Chanel handbag. Or just use the buy it now option. If you find a price that you feel is reasonable. This guarantees that you will get a great price.

2. Overstock � Many people don�t praise enough. This website has everything and handbags are not the exception. Their handbag selection is magnificent and the prices are usually 10% to 20% off regular prices from other well known sites. Overstock also has an auction site that is something like EBay. I would check this site out also and see if you can find a deal their. The same rules apply. Don�t bid on a item from someone that has just started selling handbags and expect that you will receive an authentic Chanel purse. It is possible but why take the chance. Bank on the facts. There has to be distributors that has delivered an authentic Chanel purses and has positive feedback to stand upon. Order from these people. You will get better service and I believe you will find the product to be exactly what you were hopping for.

3. Here is one more, BagBorrowOrSteal. I heard that is website has great deals but I have not researched too much about this website. So, this is why they are last on my list. I would take a look at the site and see what you can find.

Remember shopping for an Chanel handbag does not have to be an ordeal. It could be pretty fun if you have the right website and resources. Also, while it might be tempting to purchase knockoffs, it�s against the law. They arn't made anything like the original and will not last as long as the original.

I hope this give you a little insight into places that you could find significant discounts when purchasing Chanel purses.

About The Author

Kenneth Elliott is the owner of Coach Outlet Store. A website that concentrates on coach as well as Chanel, Dooney and a number of other handbags. Also See: Chanel Purse

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